CBI Members/ Board members


Leticia Castellanos

Honorary Consul of Belize in Chicago


Vice President: Leroy Viamille

Shelly Brown Secretary

Martha Perdomo Taylor Bus. Manager:

Dorothy Meigham/- Social Media, Website

Dr. Birdy Haggerty-Director of Queen of the Bay IllinoisR

Laura Cacho

Rosalie Arnold

Maureen Gill

Brad Neal

Board members responsibility



BOARD OF DIRECTORS: To perform duties in good faith, the directors must honestly evaluate opportunities decisions and actions that are in the best interest of Concerned Belizeans organization which overall benefits it Mission. Directors are expected to attend board meeting understand all concerns and material sent to them. Including the responsibility to make reasonable inquiry, and questions for discussions of these issues with other Directors. Directors must carefully and honestly review transactions involving Concerned Belizeans and parties. Directors must ensure transactions are fair and reasonable and in the best interest of the organization and its benefactor. The honest review, inquiry, and protection of the best interests of the Concerned Belizeans are particularly important when the board is asked to review and decide its activities. 

ELECTIVE OFFICER: President - Shall call and preside over monthly meeting. The President and Vice President may call special meeting as necessary. The president should provide reasonable notices to board of issue needing immediate vote. The President shall also appoint committees as needed and shall communicate essential information to board. The President shall work with the treasurer preparing the annual budget. The President shall also sign, execute, and approve all contracts all financial matters authorized by the board. The President may designate another executive board member to sign or approve contracts, agree and approved authorized by board.

VICE-PRESIDENT:  Shall fulfill the duties of the President in his or her absence. Work closely with President, the Vice President is responsible for tracking membership and annual membership dues and overall advising the board on all decisions, directions and operations of organization not limited to the promotion of organization. 

SECRETARY:  Shall take minutes of all meeting and distribute copy to board member prior to next meeting, the secretary shall maintain all mailing lists (board member, donations, contracts and related data information The secretary also will maintain the status of each active board member. 

TREASURER: Shall work with President and Vice-President to maintain accurate financial records, receive all incoming invoices and make bank deposits, and maintain investments; the treasurer will present to the board a monthly report detailing actual receipt and expenditures. 

EVENT COORDINATOR:   Work closely with President and Vice President to plan event and book engagements of fundraiser and other events. Acknowledge all requests for engagements in writing. Coordinators shall follow up with all parties for every engagement. Provide a detailing report of the event.

WEB MASTER: The Web Master is responsible for updating and maintaining the web-site and email address, including list of donors. Patrons work closely with the Board of Director to promote the business matters of the organization. 

PUBLICITY COORDINATOR: Responsible for the advertising including newspaper, Radio, TV advertise