Queen Of The Bay Illinois Pageant

Saturday July 22, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

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"Building the Future for the Children of Belize"

Concerned Belizeans is a charitable organization formed by community conscious Belizean Americans. The organization is geared towards providing children in Belize with opportunities for education. Our goal is to provide needy children in Belize with school uniforms and necessary school supplies, so that they have the opportunity to obtain the education required to find decent employment and support their families


    • Improving the quality and accessibility to education for the impoverished children in the Country of Belize.
    • Providing educational opportunities that foster independence
    • Helping families meet their children's needs.
    • Our aim is to raise money and awareness about children in Belize who are in need of an education.


To assist and support Belizean children by providing educational opportunities. Mentoring and scholarships through a variety of educational programs that promote and develop personal self esteem, in conjunction with community involvement, improvement and empowerment..


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Concerned Belizeans
Phone: (847)612-5768


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